Featured Music & Events Fara Illich August 1, 2012

weird-alOr, rather, a visit from song-parody master and accordionist Weird Al Yankovic.
In anticipation (terror?) of his August 5 show at Comerica Theatre, we took a little poll of the marketing department to find out which Weird Al song they just can’t live without. The results are in no way surprising.
R.J. – I Lost on Jeopardy

The song parodies Greg Kihn’s “Jeopardy,” which is amazing in its own right, and the stellar video features longtime Saturday Night Live announcer Don Pardo.
Leigh – White & Nerdy

I love the “White & Nerdy” song because it takes a gangster song that is supposed to be tough and takes you back to the days of comic books and pocket protectors.
Anna – Perform This Way

The video. This wins on the video alone. I just … wow.
Sara – Living on the Edge

I am particularly fond of Weird Al’s “Living in the Fridge” parody of “Living on the Edge” because it brings back fond memories of a music video I produced with my friends where most scenes were shot within the actual fridge. (Editor’s note: Sara declined to pony up her music video version of “Living in the Fridge,” much to the office’s disappointment.)