Community Commentary Music & Events Fara Illich September 10, 2012

Welcome to Turn that Frown Upside Downtown where our resident punster Sara Anderson stumbled upon a zombie gnawing on a humerus bone while preparing for the 4th Annual Zombie Walk slated to be October 27. The bone may be funny, but you be the judge of this zombie’s comedy routine. Laughs not guaranteed.

Zombie Walk_2010 0021. What is the difference between zombies & patched jeans?

Zombies are DEAD men while patched jeans are menDEAD.

2. What type of candy do zombies refuse to eat?

Life Savers.

Zombie Walk 4 is a free event for all ages.  On October 27 from 2 – 11pm come to Heritage Square to see all the gory details for yourself! For more information check out the website at

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