Business Development Featured Fara Illich October 10, 2012

ua_med_school-phoenixThere’s one million feet of wire, 3.5 million pounds of rebar and enough concrete to build a sidewalk all the way to the U of A campus in Tucson.
All that, but it’s likely the 250,000 pounds of copper that create the exterior of the Health Sciences Education Building at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus that you’ve noticed as you drive into Downtown.
Inside, the building is filled with teaching classrooms and innovative spaces to train the next generation of doctors.
While a tour of the building is a blast (there are mannequins that are very animated), you can catch a glimpse without leaving your desk chair.
The video’s a bit of a long watch, so if you’re in a rush, skip ahead to the 5 minute mark to see those mannequins.

Virtual Tour of the Health Sciences Education Building from UA College of Medicine – Phoenix on Vimeo.