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Deal Music & Events Fara Illich March 14, 2013

Update: All three pairs of tickets have been claimed! Thanks for playing everyone!

Solve nine bingo scavenger hunt clues and win two VIP passes to one day of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

There are four steps to the game:

1. Download the Downtown Urban Bingo Board

(click on the image or here for a full size version)


2. Solve the clues and snap photos to prove it.

(You can use a camera images or social media photo sites to submit. If you are using social media sites like instagram, you’ll need each image’s unique URL)

3. Upload the photos by clicking here

4. Hope that you are one of the first three people to submit the board so you win the $350 prize.

Ready? Set. Go!

Fine print rules: All photos must be your own. Ask permission before photographing someone. Don’t push little old ladies, jaywalk or stand in the middle of the street trying to get a photo.  Be responsible and have fun!


What does this $350 prize include?

–  Two VIP passes* to one day of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival at Margaret T. Hance park Downtown March 22-2
– $20 for cocktails at a ICON Lounge, Copper Blues or Tom’s Tavern

– $30 for dinner at a The Arrogant Butcher, Thai Basil or Province
* 1 VIP pass includes:
-Five drinks and two catered meals per day
– separate festival parking hosted by private Valet service
– 1 (one) MMMF 2013 T-Shirt
– private umbrellaed space with Adirondack chairs and shade structures to enjoy the performances separate from the general admission
– VIP private restrooms
– special VIP entrance and exit throughout the duration of the festival
– POSER DECK – you’re up close and personal with the band as they perform


Upload your winning photos here!