Arts & Culture Deal Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Music & Events Fara Illich May 15, 2013

Los Dias De Las CrescentGiant Slip N’ Slide and pig roast + the second installation of an all local music fest + Third Friday + the start of spring Arizona Restaurant Week = just get Downtown, already!
Listen, we don’t have to tell you that the medium-hot temperatures we call the low hundreds are going to vanish and that, probably by next weekend, we are all likely going to be overheated and clinging to a pool. So, like that guy who always states the obvious in the pre-Apocalypse movie scene, we’re here to say, “This might be it, you guys!”
No, but really, this weekend is going to be great.
Friday brings us the Ren, Wine & Brew summer kickoff block party (FREE, giant Slip N’ Slide and local beer and wine are the highlights), the start of the second Los Dias De La Crescent ($10, all local music festival) and Third Friday.
Saturday includes  the start of Arizona Restaurant Week, the last classical performance of the season at Symphony Hall and day two of the all-local music fest at Crescent Ballroom.
And, if you aren’t all partied out, Sunday has Brittney Griner in her Mercury debut against the Japanese National Team and the final night of Charlie Murphy (of Chappelle’s Show Rick James True Hollywood Story fame – link slightly NSFW) at Stand Up Live.
So, in honor of that Loverboy song Working for the Weekend, let’s wrap this week up and get to the fun stuff.