Featured Fara Illich June 26, 2013

summer-dtphxWith the weather forecast calling for temps as high as 118 degrees this weekend and the UV Index projected at Extreme, we figured you would just love another reminder about ways to keep from overheating.
If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but these are the essentials: slam down water, wear light clothing, avoid heavy meals, apply ALL of the sunscreen and stay out of sun by walking in the shade.
Planning on enjoying Downtown this weekend? Take a trip to the Arizona Science Center, Children’s Museum, or catch a movie at the AMC 24 Theatres for an air-conditioned experience.
And, if all else fails, take an ice cream or frozen yogurt break at Cold Stone Creamery, Yogurt Time or A Touch of Yogurt.
Most important: if you find yourself overwhelmed by the heat and needing some advice on where to go, call the Ambassadors at 602-495-1500 or stop by the Info Center office at 101 N. First Avenue, Suite 190 for suggestions on ways to get out of the heat while enjoying our Urban Core.
Please stay safe, Downtowners.