Arts & Culture Family Featured Fara Illich July 10, 2013

zombie-coloring-page-FINALYo, zombie doodlers. We need your braaaains skills to help us create some fun Zombie Walk-themed coloring pages.
To celebrate the upcoming Zombie Walk 5 and stave off summer boredom, we’re putting together a collection of kid-friendly zombie coloring pages that will be used for an upcoming kid’s coloring contest and at the Little Zombie Zone during the all-day festival.
(The first coloring page is available for download by clicking here or on the image at right.)
If you – or someone you know (sharing is caring) – is constantly doodling zombies, send us your signed drawing and we’ll share it with the Zombie community giving you full credit for your creative genius.*
If you’d like to submit a coloring page, email it to
– subject ZOMBIE COLORING PAGE by August 1, 2013.
Please make sure the drawing is:

1) Child-friendly.

2) 8.5 x 11 inches on a white background.

3) Signed.

4) Original (no plagiarism please. It’s a major bummer).

5) Able to be distributed by us with credit to you (the artist).
Be sure to include your name in your submission and a link to your website/artist Facebook page/other method of giving you credit on the internet.
* Payment to be made in brains. (Real brains not available, sorry.)
While all entries will be considered, final distribution is up to the discretion of the Downtown Phoenix Partnership. Drawings that are deemed to be inappropriate for children (i.e. gratuitously violent or sexual) will not be used.