Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Sports Fara Illich July 31, 2013

Holy Bacon Burger

Located next to Chase Field at 4th Street and Jefferson, the recently opened Coach’s Corner Grill is anything but your average sports bar. With its unique industrial décor and tasty take on classic American cuisine, it is the kind of place where you would want to stop by for a burger or wings, even if there’s no game on.
I should know. While I am by no means a sports fanatic, my recent lunch at Coach’s Corner Grill left me craving more.
The meal opened with an appetizer of Lobster Bisque, per our waitress’s recommendation. Starting at $4, this item is a steal. While the portion isn’t overly huge, it is totally satisfying.
Lobster BisqueNormally, bisque can be a gastronomic gamble in Arizona, with our lack of ocean and all. However, Coach’s take on this French classic left me pleasantly surprised. The soup was creamy, smooth and savory; packed with chunks of tender, juicy lobster.
From there, we moved onto our main courses. I order the “Holy Bacon” Burger, while my friend went with the Southwest Turkey Club. Both proved to be tasty, hearty choices and were accompanied by Coach’s well-seasoned, hand-cut fries.
The Holy Bacon Burger was a succulent beef patty buried in crumbled bacon, and topped with traditional cheeseburger fare. For an added twist, the top bun had Coach’s logo charred into it.
This alone would have been enough. The burger was juicy, the bacon was crunchy, and the lightly charred bun held together well, and never got soggy. What really set this dish off, however, was the added bacon mayo on the side. This superb addition took the burger to a whole new level.
Southwest Turkey ClubLikewise, my friend’s turkey club also went above and beyond lunchtime duty. It was stuffed with juicy turkey and spicy, crunch jalapeno bacon, creating a memorable juxtaposition of flavors and textures.
Finally, we finished off our lunch with a dessert order of their Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl.
This decadent knockout punch consisted of a chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, and then drizzled in fudge and chocolate chips. I figure your mouth is already watering, so needless to say, this is definitely a must order.
Ultimately, Coach’s Corner Grill is a place is striving to become known for both its quality food and service. General Manager and “Head Coach” Jason Horton wants to give customers the relaxed feeling of home. “We probably should just put mi casa es su casa over the door,” he said.
Chocolate Chip Cookie BowlQuality businesses and venues like Coach’s are the primary contributors to our Urban Core’s rising status, especially with its location right off the Light Rail. “We want to totally be a part of the Downtown area,” said Horton.
While Coach’s Corner Grill has been open for some weeks now to much positive response, it is celebrating its grand opening this Saturday. Stop by for free food, live music and a deluge of drink specials.