Bars & Nightlife Featured Fara Illich August 29, 2013

whats-happening-ad-kandqAre you the zombie of all zombies? The one who deserves to be hailed as royalty while the unwashed zombies masses grovel at your feet?
Are you the one zombie to rule them all?
Fantastic. We have just the thing.
Step right over here and apply to be crowned the King or Queen of the Zombies at the first Downtown Phoenix Zombie Homecoming.
We’re mashing up homecoming and beauty pageants with zombies and inviting Nicole Chilelli of SyFy’s Face Off and John Holmberg of KUPD and the results will be gorious, er, glorious.
All you have to do is fill out an application, answer some silly questions and be prepared for your zombie royalty fate.
Oh, and there’s $1,000 worth of great prizes, too.
Sounds great, right?

Apply here.

Pageantry not your thing? We understand. You can still come to Zombie Homecoming and watch Nicole Chilelli makeover John Holmberg before he emcees the pageant and drink punch and maybe dance with someone. It’ll be cool. Bring a date.

You can buy tickets here (they’re a steal at only $10).