Bars & Nightlife Family Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich November 20, 2013

Ah, winter in Phoenix. There isn’t exactly snowfall – but the seasons announce their change with new menus popping up at favorite Downtown establishments. Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails rolled out a new lunch, dinner and cocktail menu featuring playful new takes on American comfort food a few weeks ago and we just couldn’t resist a sampling. Dine vicariously through us with this food porn erm, detailed write up.

2013-11-12 12.39.16

Homemade popcorn dusted with ancho chili, or, Fiddle Faddle w/ a Kick In the Ass

2013-11-12 12.47.31

Sweet corn hush puppies with mustard dipping sauce. The quicker you eat these puppies fresh out of the fryer, the better.

2013-11-12 12.49.20

Not pictured: delicious smelling corn starch steam

2013-11-12 13.03.14

Burnt End Sliders served with a mountain of french fries. Burnt ends are the flavor-packed meat bits from the point end of a smoked brisket. Put them on a sweet, Hawaiianesque roll and you don't even need a condiment.

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Blue Hound does it again. Where else Downtown are you going to get plumpy grilled deep sea scallops topped with tomato gravy and served on a Cajun-style bed of beans and rice? The correct answer is nowhere, people.