Business Development Fara Illich February 12, 2014

Grid Bike Share
Noticed the green bikes conspicuously stationed at various busy streets, crosswalks and intersections in Downtown Phoenix?
Well, beginning in April you’ll start to see a whole lot more. The Grid Bike Share program is expected to officially launch the week of April 21, finishing up in May for a total of 500 bikes at 50 stations, according to a Grid Bike Share news release.
The bikes you see right now are a part of a closed test program, with 10 bikes at three stations located near Orpheum Theater, Civic Space Park and the southeast side of the Arizona Center.
According to the release, 50 tentative bike share station sites have been identified and are being processed for installation before the April launch.
In other bike share news:
– Final talks are underway with several Grid Bike Share program sponsors
– Over the next few months, a “Grid Street Team” will debut to help inform the public about Grid Bike Share and memberships
– The Downtown Phoenix Partnership’s Ambassadors have gone through training so they can thoroughly answer any questions related to Grid Bike Share.
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