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A new website quietly launched Feb. 9 night that aims to connect tourists to local businesses and events in Downtown Phoenix.
Daniel Zayas founded the start-up project,, in hopes that it would drive tourism, which he said could be the answer to many issues regarding historic preservation and development in the Urban Core.
He said the site was inspired by his other project,, which contains a variety of housing options but is focused on Downtown.
His new project is hyper-local as well, featuring events, guides to the city and walking tours that showcase the historic architecture and urban character of Downtown Phoenix.
The city guides and walking tours will be crafted by locals and local businesses using pop culture references. Since launching the site, Zayas has only published one of these tours and it isn’t just a simple walk around the town. The references may seem small for fans of “Doctor Who,” but it makes for a fun, interactive way to show visitors what Downtown has to offer.
Zayas mentioned a passion for historical buildings, walkability, local businesses and visitor experience, and his hope that the tours will turn historic buildings and small businesses into cultural destinations.
“I’m trying to add context to what we care about,” he said. “If every tour location on the site has a… cultural reference…it helps to preserve them.”
Even though the site has technically launched, much of the content has yet to be placed. Zayas said he’ll be filling in the gaps over the coming days and weeks.
Zayas, who’s lived in Downtown for four years, said he will manage the events aggregation tool, which automatically combines multiple events sites, such as and He also said that the site will feature articles and lists of restaurants, bars and more.
“I really hope it’ll turn into a community project,” Zayas said. He wants community members to contribute articles that promote their favorite places and parts of Downtown, he said.
*Photos courtesy of Daniel Zayas