Community Commentary Spotlight Fara Illich March 5, 2014

Downtown Phoenix Podcast

The Downtown Phoenix Podcast, which aims to spur action by connecting people and ideas, launched its first episode on Monday with a conversation about the future of Downtown.
Urban enthusiast and podcast managing editor, Edward Jensen, sat down with David Krietor, CEO of Downtown Phoenix, Inc., (DPI) to discuss how DPI will shape the growth and future of Downtown Phoenix.
“If we’ve done one thing in the first eight or nine months of our operation,” Krietor says, it is to show that it’s an organization in which “everybody can work collaboratively on advancing the Downtown cause.”
One of the main talking points was Super Bowl XLIX and how DPI is partnering with the City of Phoenix and other organizations to prepare for the Valley-hosted game and festivities.
Overall, Krietor believes 2014 is going to be a big year for Downtown saying, “(It) is going to emerge as the most interesting, eclectic and vibrant element of the whole region.” He added, “It’s going to be an incredibly neat place, and it’s going to attract interesting people.”
You can listen to the full podcast here.
Editor’s note: This podcast is taped in the Downtown Phoenix Studios, an open community studio available to the public during business hours. If you are interested in taping your podcast in the community studio, please email