Bars & Nightlife Deal Food, Restaurants & Dining Spotlight Fara Illich May 21, 2014

If you’re a big fan of the movie Cocktail (and really, who isn’t?), starring an download (7)extraordinarily coiffed Tom Cruise and underrated Elisabeth Shue, then you’re also probably a big fan of 1) Drinks 2) “Flairing” 3) Bad Poetry 4) “Kokomo” and 5) Drinks.
We’re right there with ya, and with the highly anticipated cocktail parlor Bitter & Twisted opening literally any day now, what an idyllic opportunity to talk about all of the fabulous cocktails Downtown Phoenix has to offer.
The Honey Badger – Crescent Ballroom
Simple and delicious in any season, this American honey bourbon, ginger beer, lime and bitters concoction gets its name from a nature video that went viral in 2011, but the drink was so popular it has outlived its omnivore muse.
Hannys-1Barrel Aged Classic Manhattan – Hanny’s
Maker’s 46, sweet vermouth and bitters. Seems easy to recreate, but there’s just something extra “neat” about the way Hanny’s does it.
You can order this cocktail with regular Maker’s and it won’t suffer in the least, but I recommend you spend the extra couple of bucks for Maker’s 46, because the combination of the sweet vermouth and the extra oaky bourbon makes for a magical dance in your mouth.
It’s Not Me, It’s Yuzu – Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails
More than just a clever name, this Bombay Sapphire gin feature has sweet canton ginger, white pepper and yuzu citrus. An excellent drink for warm summer nights.
Dirty Local – District American Kitchen and Wine Bar
A classic dirty vodka martini that uses local Queen Creek Mill olive brine to supply the “dirty” and Queen Creek Olive Mill goat cheese-stuffed olives for the “local.”
Ratnerita – Tom’s Tavern & 1929 Grill
Italian margarita made with Milagro tequila, Cointreau, lemon and lime juice, and a float of Disaronno amaretto. It’s named after the late great Mike Ratner, longtime Tom’s Tavern owner and Downtown Phoenix supporter.
Rosemary Crush – The Strand Urban Italian
At $6 this rosemary-infused gin, triple sec and muddled orange cocktail is a delicious value.  Wednesdays are Social Media Night and for simply liking The Strand on Facebook guests will receive 20 percent off their entire bill.
All this Cocktail talk is making me thirsty. And poetic.
Whether you fancy the bourbon or crave some gin,

Downtown Phoenix is where you should choose to sin.

We’ve got martinis and rum drinks and wines galore,

And yes even beer fans will belly up for more.

So jump on the light rail and bring your best lady,

Leave your car at home and please imbibe safely.