Food, Restaurants & Dining Spotlight Fara Illich September 11, 2014

Fired Pie is taking the fast-casual pizza market by storm. Partners Doug Doyle, Rico Cuomo and Fred Morgan opened their sixth Fired Pie location in Downtown’s Collier Center August 26, with plans for three more by the end of October.
“We’re just three local guys that met many years ago working at California Pizza Kitchen and decided to leave the corporate world,” said Fred Morgan, co-owner of Fired Pie.
Now they’re local giants in the newly forged build-your-own-pizza market. Most people don’t think of gourmet pizza as fast food. But using a special kind of pressed dough, which helps sear the bottom, and a high temperature brick-style oven, the pizza cooks in just four minutes.
fredFast customizable pizzas and salads, which sell for just $7.95 each, certainly draw crowds of hungry people through the door, but the key to Fired Pie’s continued success is the selection of fresh ingredients and Rico Cuomo’s famous tomato sauce – an Italian family recipe passed down generations.
After opening just weeks ago, Morgan said they’re already thinking about expanding to other parts of Downtown.
“We really feel that Downtown has turned the corner and people see that it’s a great place,” he said. ”We love the growth here and want to be a part of that growth.”
Downtowners do love their choices. At Fired Pie, diners select the dough, sauce, cheese and an assortment of 30 different toppings. Located at 201 E. Washington St. inside Collier Center.