Arts & Culture Family Featured Music & Events Fara Illich October 2, 2014

savethedate_barcardWith the arrival of fall, the days get shorter, the weather gets cooler and we all know what that means…zombies are coming!
It’s time to start planning for Zombie Walk 6, which is just around the corner on Saturday, Oct. 25. This full day of fun begins at 2 p.m. with live music, vendors, family-friendly activities and awesome street eats inside Heritage and Science Park. Then we’re shuffling and limping toward the world record for largest zombie walk ever!
In order to be counted in the zombie census, you need to come diseased and ready to feed. So start putting together your best zombie motif for a march that will make history.
Need a zombie makeover? With these simple do-it-yourself tips by Samantha Jackson, community services director at the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, you can get the grotesque look you’ve been yearning for without breaking the bank on costumes and makeup.

Fake homemade skin: for gaping wounds, flayed skin and other zombie injuries.
Mix 2 tablespoons gelatin, 2 tablespoons glycerin and 2 tablespoons water in a microwavable bowl, then microwave for about 20 seconds and let cool before you apply to skin.

Eyes: for dark, sunken-in and sickly-looking zombie eyes.

Apply red eyeliner or lip liner around eyes first. Then use brown or black eye shadow (without shimmer) using a cosmetic sponge about 2 inches all around eyes in a circular fashion.
Mouth, forehead and face basics: for that undead look.
Blend some white or yellow eye shadow into the cheeks and forehead. Look for natural creases or wrinkles in the skin along the forehead and chin, and using a cotton swab, go over those areas with a black or brown eye shadow.
Veins: for popping out diseased looking veins. Remember, the disease is spreading!
Try to find large visible veins on the side of the face or forehead and use this as a guide. Draw a line over the large vein first using a blue or purple eye liner and add small wavy lines coming out from there, similar to a tree with branches.
Blood: for that just-fed look.
Mix about one cup of corn syrup with red food coloring until you’ve reached the desired color. Add a couple drops of blue to make it a deeper red along with some powdered sugar for shine and a pinch of cocoa powder for darkness. For texture, use minced onion seasoning, which resembles skin flakes.
Using a stipple sponge, which can be purchased at any party of costume store, apply the blood mixture generously to the mouth and neck. Wear an old shirt. The excess can be applied to clothing and wounds. Using a cotton swab, apply drops to the corners of the eyes and inside the ears.