Arts & Culture Business Development Spotlight Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich November 6, 2014

HD Team -1Simple. Smart. Space-saving.
When asked about how his design concepts originated, Dean Heckler, founder of Heckler Design, says it came out of necessity.
hecklerdesk2Working as a software designer and part-time tinkerer, he looked around for an attractive ergonomic work desk that could disappear when not in use. When he couldn’t find any, he decided to create his own and have it fabricated by local craftsmen. The result was OneLessDesk – a two-piece nesting work station that positions your screen in perfect line-of-sight and your mouse and keyboard at your fingertips.
Soon friends and acquaintances started asking where they could buy one and the concept took flight.
After launching Heckler Design in 2007 with one design, OneLessDesk, the product line has grown to over 200 product variations, currently specializing in modern point-of-sale cases, stands and cash drawers for tablets.
From the new headquarters in the historic O.S. Stapley building on Grand Avenue near Van Buren Street, which opened in spring 2014, Heckler sources all designs in-house, using local steel fabricators and even a local non-profit Epi-Hab Phoenix – which provides employment for individuals with epilepsy – for packaging and assembly.
couchAs Grand Avenue grows, Heckler plans to grow along with it, possibly revamping the current warehouse into a large retail showroom. Right now a small office and showroom area suffices but Heckler said he wants to start developing more consumer products in the near future.
His latest creation: a sleek new TV stand, which is already in the prototype phase.
*Top photo courtesy of Heckler Design.