Community Commentary Fara Illich June 29, 2015

The air’s a little grittier, the winds are blowing stronger, and Phoenicians across the Valley are bonding over the weather that comes with the monsoon season.
And as the storm swept into the streets this past weekend, the local Instagram community captured many photos of Downtown Phoenix, which was often camouflaged behind a blanket of dust.
Here are five impressive shots from the weekend.

@royalradley captured Saturday night’s storm, which left Downtown Phoenix almost invisible in the dust.

A photo posted by Jim Schoch (@opa_schoch) on

@opa_schoch was one of the first to share a photo of the dust storm as it came in to Downtown Phoenix Saturday night.

A photo posted by JoeBlack_az (@joeblack_az) on

A very cool shot of an invisible downtown during Saturday’s dust storm.

A photo posted by azcentral (@azcentral) on

AZCentral captured the dust storm Sunday Night as it made its way over South Mountain and toward Downtown Phoenix.

The Downtown Phoenix skyline as the Sunday dust storm came rolling in.