Bars & Nightlife Business Development Featured Fara Illich May 3, 2016

Revamped on a yearly basis, Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlour’s new drink menu prioritizes the beloved classics we’ve come to expect from owner and head barman Ross Simon, but introduces plenty of new and exciting additions to challenge our taste buds.
With a funky and retro video game-themed cover designed by Matt Andrews, the cocktails contained inside definitely pay homage to the throwbacks — classic, simple and always a good time.
Here are some of our faves:
Porn Star Martini
Porn Star Martini: Made with home-made vanilla vodka that’s not too sugary, the natural sweetness of the fresh passion fruit puree is the real star of the show. The drink is elevated by a shot of champagne, meant for palette cleansing or pouring into the martini to make a fruity fizz.
Cocaine Cowboy: A root beer float, all grown up. This is a creamy, dreamy dessert in a drink — featuring rum and vodka mixed with sarsaparilla and topped with vanilla cream.
Dr. Reyes, Dr. Reyes: A spicy and smoky mixture of mezcal, home-made marmalade and citrus juices. If you’ve never tried mezcal, which is like tequila’s older, more sophisticated sister, this is a great way to introduce her to your taste buds.
Hemingway’s Demise: Shaken with rum, lime juice, maraschino, bitters and absinthe spritz, this is an elegant, sweet and citrusy cocktail, perfect for sipping.
Sotol Tale: Made with sotol — a distilled spirit made from the desert spoon shrub — home-made vermouth, sweet and tangy maraschino cherry liquor and bitters, this cocktail is not for the faint of heart. It’s earthy, smoky and quite potent.
Deadman Oaxacan
Deadman Oaxacan: A spicy and rich blend of ancho-chile liqueur, mezcal, Cartel cold brew coffee, topped with whipped spiced cream and coated with a layer of cinnamon on the side of the glass. Yes, it sounds savory but it also makes for a hearty dessert.
Bear Witness
Bear Witness: A drink the honey badger himself would appreciate — whiskey mixed with a generous amount of citrus, pink peppercorn honey syrup and topped with dill.
Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix inside the historic Luhrs Building just off the light rail, Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlour is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., with food service until 1:30 a.m.