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A colorful new mural by local artist Angel Diaz graces the lobby of Downtown Phoenix Dental. (Photo: Fara Illich)

It seems like a new restaurant, bar or coffee shop opens in Downtown Phoenix every other week. But some businesses — the so-called pioneers — took a chance on downtown long before the development boom.
Ben Berschler, dentist and owner of Downtown Phoenix Dental, is one such entrepreneur. After purchasing a second home at Orpheum Lofts in 2004 (while the complex was still under renovation), he saw an opportunity.
“The light rail wasn’t here, there was no CityScape, but there were enough good things happening,” he said. “There was a need — a void — in the Downtown District.”

Downtown Phoenix Dental is located on the ground floor of the 111 West Monroe building, along with a host of other retail shops. (Photo: Fara Illich)

Berschler decided to pack up his New Jersey office and move out west full-time, opening Downtown Phoenix Dental in 2009. Since then, he found a niche catering to the thousands of daytime employees and residents, offering speedy lunchtime cleanings and a flexible, patient-based approach to dental treatment.
Starting with just a few employees, the Downtown Phoenix Dental team grew to include an orthodontist, root canal specialist and implant specialist, in addition to a team of associate dentists, techs and office personnel who keep the place humming.
From brand new imaging equipment that can create a 3-D visual of your jawbone to a colorful new lobby mural by local artist Angel Diaz — Berschler likes to keep things relevant.
“There are no tooth posters here,” he said. “We have a different vibe than your traditional medical or dental office.”
It’s true. Located on the ground floor of the beautiful 111 West Monroe building, the office is filled with abstract art and modern furnishings. Recently, Berschler also upgraded to a state-of-the-art digital system.
New patient paperwork can all be handled on the mobile-friendly website, and for today’s tech-savvy patient, text reminders make scheduling a snap. From internal charting to appointments, everything can be accessed with the click of a button.
Despite setting up shop during the recession, business is steadily growing and Berschler said he’s thrilled to see all the new construction — approximately 2,000 residential units across greater downtown.
“This will probably be the most interesting two years downtown has seen in 25 years,” he said. “People have finally started to recognize the value of living and working down here.”