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“Do Pilates, do life,” is the Club Pilates slogan, which opened in Downtown Phoenix in June. (Photo:

Pilates can strengthen your core and abdomen, reduce muscle pain, and improve flexibility, balance and coordination. It also helps your brain, according to Jennifer Marrinan, owner of the new Club Pilates Downtown Phoenix at 111 W. Monroe.
“It teaches you how to focus and be present,” she said.
Arizona’s third Club Pilates franchise opened at the end of June, offering group reformer and fusion classes for up to 12 people, in addition to private and semi-private sessions. Each student gets their own station (so reserving a spot in advance is encouraged), which includes access to an impressive array of state-of-the-art equipment like Pilates chairs, springboards, barres and suspension training systems.

Each student get access to their own reformer machine and other state-of-the-art fitness equipment. (Photo: Jennifer Marrinan)

Ranging from beginner to advanced, classes can be modified to meet your fitness level and run seven days a week. Also, the first demo session is free so you can come in, learn about the machines and see if it’s right for you.
Club Pilates is just the latest in an ever-expanding selection of Downtown Phoenix fitness options, but there’s a huge demand for accessible and affordable Pilates training in the neighborhood, according to Marrinan.
She moved to the area last year, first opening a franchise in Glendale, but wanted to wait for just the right time and location to become available in the Downtown Core.
“I moved downtown and could see all the construction going on and knew it would be a great opportunity,” she said. “I just love it, I like places where you can walk to everything.”
So far, Marrinan said downtowners and the owners of the Monroe Building have welcomed her with open arms.
“Having a great mix of lifestyle-oriented retailers is a huge part of what makes our building such a nice place to work,” said DJ Fernandes in a release, a VP with the Monroe Building ownership group. “A fitness concept like Club Pilates is an ideal fit.”
Adding more retail and event options seems to be the trend at 111 W. Monroe, with a penthouse-level yoga and wine tasting every month, and a burgeoning ground floor with new businesses like Hidden Track Bottle Shop, Mornin’ Moonshine, Esoteric Audio and more.
“Here you can walk to the studio, get a beer, get tea — not a lot of neighboring cities in the Phoenix area are like this,” Marrinan said. “It’s just a whole different vibe.”
For more information about Club Pilates in Downtown Phoenix or to book a class, check out the website.