Business Development Community Community Commentary Family Music & Events Spotlight Fara Illich February 9, 2017

In Downtown Phoenix, we are constantly striving to create a more vibrant and connected community, enhance livability, attract new people, and catalyze economic growth. So how can we use examples and success stories from around the country, and apply them to home?
According to Phil Myrick, director of place and performance design for MIG, there are some secrets to street-level activation and design that bring all these driving forces together — causing people to “stick” to one urban environment over another.

This 24-minute presentation, titled “Creating the Sticky City,” unpacks ideas about enhancing and better managing public spaces, strengthening sense of community, and working collaboratively towards building a more sustainable economy.
To read more from Phil Myrick, check out “High performance streets: The new cutting edge of urban design,” from Urban Dezine San Francisco.