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Business Development Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich February 23, 2010

Oakville Grocery will be opening in Downtown Phoenix as part of the CityScape project. Originally AJ’s had signed a lease but when Basha’s ran into financial trouble they pulled out of the project, leaving us all to wonder who would take their place. I was hoping for a Fresh & Easy or a Trader Joe’s although I never thought that either were a likely possibility.
PrintLooking at Oakville’s Web site, I see the store has the look and feel of a Trader Joe’s but it also looks…expensive or just too fancy for Downtown. I don’t know a lot of Downtown residents who would really benefit from an expensive grocery store. Will it be possible to pop in here for a gallon of milk and not pay close to 4 bucks? Can I get a cheap loaf of regular bread here on a Sunday afternoon or will it be those loafs of artisan bread covered in birdseed mix for $4.99?
There hasn’t been a grocery store in Downtown Phoenix since I was born, so I guess anything is better than nothing but this seems like a bad choice to me. I wish them luck and I hope I’m wrong, but at least there is a CVS going into CityScape because that is more my speed.