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Arts & Culture Spotlight Fara Illich February 27, 2014


Have you seen all the Academy Award nominated films? No? Me either.

But I have seen these videos of Downtown Phoenix, which went viral in 2013 —videos that depict everyday life in Downtown or simply celebrate its urban finesse.
Best Time Lapse of a Mural
Featured Artist Justin Queal Time Lapse Mural by Local Revibe

Most Melodic Tune
Downtown Phoenix Time Lapse by BASIX Media

Best Encapsulates Everyday Urban Life
Under the Sun by Jenkins Film Work

Most Angle Coverage
welcome to PHOENIX by Ryan Nelson

Trippiest Use of Neon Lights
Phoenix, Arizona Time Lapse by Lamp Left Media

And if you’re in the mood for a good laugh, you’ll want to watch this video, which wins the award for most creative use of the light rail (skip to 00:41 for the good part).
Did we miss one? Share your favorite video of Downtown Phoenix in the comments below.