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Bars & Nightlife Family Food, Restaurants & Dining Music & Events Spotlight Fara Illich October 3, 2013

midday-zombiesHappy Zombie-tober!
Downtown Phoenix is officially zombie headquarters now that October has arrived.
Part of putting on a giant, fun and zombie-filled event every year is promotional appearances – and with that comes the need for Zombie props, lots of makeup and the occasional zombie treat to gross out the audience.
After a TV appearance or ten, we’ve got our recipes for edible-yet-gross zombie treats down. The great thing about these recipes is that you can knock all of them out in a night if you have a helping hand and, with the exception of the Spider Eggs, they all keep well overnight.
If you have a Halloween or – better yet – zombie party coming up, download our recipes and, please, share your own – we’re always on the lookout for new ways to feed the hoard.

egg spider

Spider Eggs

Spider Eggs are an easy way to transform a basic recipe for deviled eggs into a Zombie centerpiece. Be warned, however, these look fantastic but black olives AND deviled eggs? You’re going to want some a lot of gum. Download the recipe here.


Zombie Fingers

My favorite: Zombie Fingers which are surprisingly easy to make and, BONUS, look disgusting. They taste pretty good since they’re just hot dogs, onion and ketchup. If you’re in a pinch, you can knock out about 24 fingers in 10 minutes. Perfect for that TV deadline or last minute party addition. Creep out your friends, get the recipe here.

meat bars

Meat Bars

Meat Bars are our go-to dish. They are easy, easy, easy and they look just like raw hamburger when cut. And, since they’re just Rice Krispies treats and red velvet cake mix, you know they’re going to disappear. Taste great, look gross. Win win. Download the recipe here.


Blood and Bones

(photo by OurBestBites.com)

Store bought bread sticks + marinara sauce = Blood and Bones. It can be a little tricky to get the perfect bone shape, but there’s two techniques to try: You can cut the ends of the breadsticks in half and then roll them to make little spirals (and hope they stick while they bake) or stretch the bread stick dough and tie little knots at the end. Your choice. Sprinkle with salt, cheese or herbs and serve with marinara sauce, or, for a sweet treat, use cinnamon sugar and red icing.


Pickled Brains

We typically create our Pickled Brains for display only – a head of cauliflower with some red food coloring in soda water or sprite is a very, very creepy display. But Martha Stuart has a recipe to make the gross treat not only edible but tasty, go figure.
Finally, we often use a carved pumpkin with some dry ice to finish off the look. That and some green punch (lime sherbet and sprite) make for a great table of zombie approved treats.


And, don’t forget – Zombie Homecoming is Friday, Oct. 4 at The Duce. Get your tickets before midnight on Thursday, Oct. 3 for $2 off with code PHXZOMBIE.