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Arts & Culture Family Featured Music & Events Fara Illich November 18, 2009

On Sunday, Downtown’s Heritage & Science Park will be filled with the sights and sounds of India during an all-day celebration of Indian art, history, culture and cuisine.
Indian_Festival2The India Association of Phoenix presents its 8th Annual Festival of Discovery– Discover India 2009 — from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
The event promises to be an “India: 101” course for people of all ages and will include cultural shows, a festival parade, food fair–tasty chicken tikka masala, naan, dosa’s–exotic jewelry and clothing bazaar, cooking demonstrations, children’s activities and much more.
Classical Indian music and dances such as “Holi” and “Diwali” will be featured, as well as a number of popular “Bollywood” routines. Indian community youth have organized a storytelling time with puppets, competitive table games  such as “Palangulli” and “Navakankari,” and a spirited “Carom” exhibition where festival-goers can challenge the local masters.
India Association is the umbrella organization that represents all sister organizations and non-profit associations of the community of Indian heritage in Arizona. Its aim is to facilitate integration of the community of Indian heritage into the United Sates, while upholding the highest democratic ideals and traditions of India. India Association is a non-religious and non-political Association.
Admission is free and for more information call 602-262-5071 or visit iaphx.org.