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AAF-webOver the course of a career spanning two decades, Alien Ant Farm has certainly seen its fair share of stuff: Five albums, five million records sold, and a horrific bus accident that left the driver dead and singer Dryden Mitchell with a fractured C2 vertebra, for instance. Sprinkle in member departures, “unofficial breakups,” reconciliations, and one impeachably great Michael Jackson cover, and you’ve got the makings for a VH1 “Behind the Music.”
No doubt the band has also seen some dead crowds over the years, but nothing like the one they’ll be staring at Saturday when they headline Zombie Walk 7 at Heritage & Science Park.
To prepare for what we can only assume is the band’s first-ever zombie walk showcase, we asked Mitchell five unintrusive questions:
Q:  Alien Ant Farm has been together for 20 years. What secrets can you share about the band’s longevity?
A: I’d have to say we’ve seen ups and downs. Persistence in anything pays off. Trying not to step on each other’s toes too hard is trick or treaty.
Q: Speaking of longevity, your new record is titled “Always and Forever.” Is the name of the album a statement about the connection between the members of the band or the relationship between the band and its fans? And is “Burning” about turning into a zombie?
A: “Burning” is totally about turning into a zombie! “Always and Forever” is just a way of saying we’ll always play music.
Q: Where does Zombie Walk 7 rank among the band’s weirdest gigs?
A: We played the basement of an old castle in the Czech Republic once. I hope Zombie Walk 7 is cool like that.
Q: We’ve heard the band will be participating in the zombie walk and headlining in costume. Can you give us a tease about the outfits you’ve got planned?
A: I think we’re gonna be the Harlem Globetrotters’ team doctors but not quite sure yet. [Editors’s Note: We’re just as confused as you are.]
Q: Zombie Walk 7 has a goal of collecting 7 tons of cash and food aid for St. Mary’s Food Bank. What non-perishable food items would we find on your tour bus?
A: We use a NutriBullet quite a bit, but that’s all perishable. S@#$! I gotta go find some canned goods.