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Featured Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich July 31, 2014

Think it’s just a new directory? Think again. The 2014 July-December Downtown Directory and Dining Guide depicts a new Downtown—a Greater Downtown.
With a local artist-designed cover, local photography, walking tours, and more businesses than ever, this issue of the directory and dining guide portrays Downtown in a new light and boasts a handful of firsts for our bi-annual publication.
The cover represents what Downtown Phoenix has become, which is a place where people not only work but live, shop and play. Gone are the “nine-to-fivers,” and in their place are residents working to build a strong, creative and diverse community.
Artist Justin Queal, whose work you may have seen inside Squid Ink Sushi, has celebrated and highlighted the Phoenix Public Market grounds in a familiar way. The vendors, shoppers and families have gathered in what’s — to the majority of us — a Saturday ritual, visiting the Saturday open-air market to grab breakfast from a food truck or the Café, pick up the week’s groceries or support a local artisan.
Previous covers have highlighted the businesses in the Core, but those are only a piece of the story. Our new cover celebrates the community — and what better place to embody it than the market, which represents the growth of our city and the direction in which it’s moving.
Reflective of the changing perimeters of Downtown, for the first time the Directory and Dining Guide includes businesses and restaurants in the Greater Downtown area, expanding north to Coronado Road, south to Lincoln Street and west to 7th Avenue, for a total of 125 additional businesses.
The Directory also includes the images from three local photographers, including Jim Louvau, Andrew Pielage and Gabriel Radley. Whether you’re a Downtown expert or new to town, peruse the new Directory and Dining Guide here to see photos, stories, tours and more.