Arts & Culture Deal Family Featured Music & Events Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich January 24, 2011

gaga2Over the last two decades Downtown Phoenix has grown up to become Arizona’s epicenter for not only business and government, but for sports, arts and culture, dining, and live entertainment.
In Comerica Theatre, US Airways Center, Orpheum Theatre, and Hard Rock Cafe, Downtown boasts the highest concentration of big-time music venues in the Valley. Don’t believe me? Well, take a gander at these acts coming into Downtown:
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1/26 – Ozzy Osbourne, Comerica Theatre
Just when you think the Prince of Darkness is going to retire to a nice dungeon in the country, he reclaims his pop culture relevance. (See current radio hit, “Let Me Hear You Scream.”)
1/29 – Jacob Tyler Lucas with Aisleview, Hard Rock Cafe
2/5 – Blessed Production Presents Donnie McClurkin, Orpheum Theatre
2/5 – Pawl, Hard Rock Cafe
2/11 – Sarah McLachlan, Comerica Theatre
Best known for songs like “Possession,” and “I Will Remember You,”  not to mention her integral role in launching the Lilith Fair music festival back in the 90s, this Grammy Award-winning singer and avid animal rights activist has recently helped produce some incredibly sad TV commercials for ASPCA.
2/11 – Art Laboe’s Valentine’s Super Jam, US Airways Center
2/11 – Fight the Quiet, Hard Rock Cafe
2/12 – The Other 49:  Final Show, Source Victoria, Tugboat and Factories, Hard Rock Cafe
2/19 – The Music of Led Zeppelin, Comerica Theater
Considering Zeppelin’s catalog is largely symphonic anyway, this production makes too much sense not to happen yearly. Here’s what I wrote about The Music of Led Zeppelin last year.
Linkin-Park2/28 – Linkin Park, US Airways Center
Lead singer Chester Bennington is a Phoenix native and I find a way to listen to “Waiting for the End” at least once a day. So should you.
3/2 – Hillsong United, US Airways Center
3/4 – Jackson Browne, Comerica Theatre
Cooler than the other side of the pillow, Jackson Browne promises to entertain the crowd with his laundry list of hits, including “Jamaica Say You Will,” “Running On Empty,” and the 80s-tastic “Lawyers In Love.”
3/26 – The Pink Floyd Experience, Comerica Theatre
Totally a must-see for any self-respecting fan of The Floyd, man.
3/26 – Lady Gaga, US Airways Center
She’s only the biggest star on the planet.
4/8 – Janet Jackson, Comerica Theatre
We ran a Facebook poll to gauge your favorite Janet Jackson song and amazingly, 13 different tracks were submitted, none of them matching my personal favorite.
4/15 – Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks, US Airways Center
Oh, Stevie Nicks, how I love thee. Fleetwood Mac is the truth but for my money it doesn’t get any better than “Edge of Seventeen.”
6/16 – Rush, US Airways Center
Canada’s finest export since ginger ale.
6/30 – New Kids On the Block and Backstreet Boys, US Airways Center
A perfect storm of screaming by adult women who love boy bands.