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I’ve  had a great time splashing though the puddles over the last week. I find the rain fun, but what I really enjoy is being in a community where the rain can’t stop me from doing the things I love. One of the main reasons for my move to Downtown Phoenix 10 years ago was the easy access to my favorite social and entertainment interests. My first night in my new apartment I looked over my balcony railing and read, “MOBY, TONIGHT” on the marquee of the Web Theater. At that very moment I knew I had made the right decision. If my friends thought I was crazy, well they could go right ahead a think that because I will be in Downtown Phoenix at a MOBY concert. 
Alabama Symphony Led Zeppelin #4.jpgDowntown Phoenix has so many different ways to entertain yourself and satisfies so many different interests, that at this moment I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else in the Valley. I would not be able to experience the crowds of the World Series or the annual Mexico vs. (fill in blank) soccer game from my patio.
The Orpheum Theater is one of the most beautiful historic theaters in the country, with the original Wurlitzer Organ still intact and in use, and host to a wide variety of performances like Defending  the Caveman or Riverdance and other Broadway performances. Not to mention all the local artists who perform there because it is so accessible and affordable. The Dodge Theater brings in countless great acts like Alicia Keys, Kathy Griffin and The Blue Collar Tour. Alice in Chains and  the Pink Floyd Laser Light Spectacular play in February and this week I can enjoy the music of Queen and Led Zeppelin with a rock band and full orchestra.  Moreover, I can walk there! 
monsterjamThe Herberger Theater and Symphony Hall are home to many of my favorite theater companies. The Arizona Opera who performs La Boheme’ this week, Ballet Arizona with Sleeping Beauty coming up in a few weeks, Arizona Theater Co. who just brought in Ain’t Misbehaven’ and will bring in Second City at the end of the season. How about Actors Theater, who brings in great comedy like Triple Esspresso and Pulitzer Prize winning shows like Shipwrecked, which plays through the end of this week.
I am not super huge on sports, but being in the middle of a high energy crowd at the Suns games or our two-time world champions, the Mercury, can give you a great feeling of intensity that I love. Supercross and, this weekend, Monster Truck Jam, are seen every year at Chase Field, and the Diamondbacks bring in millions during the summer, giving you a year-round experience.
 There are so many great things to do that it isn’t humanly possible to attend everything. But I challenge anyone to try, for even if you fail you win.