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(Temporarily) Adjusting to Upcoming Light Rail Track Updates

by Taylor Costello
Business Development Community Education Taylor Costello April 14, 2022

To connect existing downtown light rail service with the upcoming South Central Extension project, the tracks require massive updates affecting transportation access.

Starting Saturday, April 16, crews begin work to tie present and future lines together, creating two light rail systems with a transfer platform in downtown Phoenix by 2024. This requires workers to install nine new pieces of special track and reconstruction of more than 1,000 ft. of track. Construction on the new transfer station to South Phoenix has been ongoing since last year.

Overall, Valley Metro estimates the work will be ongoing from April 16 thru July 2.

To make this important connection for the local community, linking residents of South Phoenix to downtown, construction will occur on the existing light rail trackway. As a result, all light rail trains arrive at platforms every 20 minutes throughout the day. Trains typically arrive in 15 minute intervals on an average service day. They ask riders to plan ahead to ensure timely arrivals at their destinations.

In addition to the temporary rail schedule, some stations in downtown Phoenix will close and occasionally light rail trains will use opposite directional platforms to transport riders. The project team developed their work plan based on factors to maintain traffic, minimize impact on riders and additional causes.

To learn more about the present and future station closures:

  • Visit valleymetro.org/pop, short for ‘Pardon our Progress.’
  • View the full schedule to plan your trips on the Valley Metro app or Trip Planner site

Eventually, construction on public roads reduce them to one lane or close streets entirely. These plans affect two of the most populous downtown roads, Washington and Jefferson St, to the north and south, as well as 1st Ave and 1st St, to the west and east, for this time-period. During the track-tie in work, access to Washington Street and Jefferson Street will be especially severely restricted. As the project progresses, starting in mid-May, road closures temporarily redirect traffic to 7th Ave to 7th St.

Specifically, construction impact vehicular traffic and pedestrian accessibility in the downtown area.

Restrictions include:

  • Washington St reduced to one lane between 2nd St and 1st Ave
  • Washington St direct access to northbound Central Ave closed
    • Detour required.
  • Southbound 1st St closed at Washington St
    • No access to Washington St.
  • Northbound 1st St closed at Washington St
    • Access to Washington St. maintained
  • Access to One North Central Building
    • West parking lot maintained on Central Ave south of Adams St.

For more information, visit valleymetro.org/southcentral or check the Construct VM-South Central app.