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Deal Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich June 3, 2010

The humble hot dog stand is a hallmark of urban streets, and Downtown Phoenix boasts some notable stands where you can pile on the condiments and soak in the energy of big city life.
edEd the Hotdogger
Without a doubt, the top dog for longevity is Ed the Hotdogger. Since 1971, Ed, whose real name is Eduardo Haramina, has been selling dogs and dispensing wisdom to Downtown dwellers.
“I have the soul of a gypsy and I love the street,” he says, while chatting up his customers. The only dog vendor in the country who sells foot longs with homemade buns, Ed offers fresh squeezed lemonade and twelve different dogs, made with either Nathan’s all-beef dogs or all-beef Polish sausage.
A native of Buenos Aires, Ed offers every imaginable match-up of dog and bun, including an Argentine Choripan, made with sausage and chimichurri sauce. For an after-dog delight, sample some of Ed’s homemade alfagores, an Argentinian sandwich cookie with buttery dulce de leche in the middle.
Ed the Hotdogger has two stands, located at 3rd and 1st Avenues and Jefferson; hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday-Friday.
Suerena’s Wieners
Susan Bromberg, owner of Suerena’s Wieners, is a passionate advocate for the dog stand as fine dining.  Specializing in Chicago-style dogs, Susan insists on the real deal, from the poppyseed buns she imports from Chicago to the all-beef Vienna dogs and spicy sports peppers.
“We use the highest quality ingredients, and our vegetables are chopped fresh every day,” says Susan. Note: Suerena’s rents its space for the summer to Good Dogs Limited, and will return in late September. Suerena’s Wieners is located at the southwest corner of 1st Avenue and Washington.
Dogs Gone Wild
Downtown’s newest dog maven is Abbey Egley, owner of Dogs Gone Wild. A former chef, Abbey has worked in the food industry since she was a young pup.
“I’d always wanted to work for myself, and Downtown seems like the best place to be,” she says. Check out her weekly specials and themed dogs, including the Sonoran Dog with jalapeno and guacamole. Dogs Gone Wild is located by Chase Tower at Monroe and Central Avenue; hours are 10 am to 3 pm, Monday-Friday.
When you’re hungry for all-American fare steeped in an urban buzz, Downtown’s dog vendors deliver.