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Family Spotlight Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich June 20, 2010

Summer is here in Downtown Phoenix!
After an extended spring, we’re finally seeing triple digit temps on a regular basis. While staying indoors during extreme heat is always a good idea, there are ways to protect yourself when venturing out on your bike, bus or light rail during the day.
Wear appropriate warm weather clothing like light colored, loose-fitting cotton shirts and pants. Consider using sunblock for the parts of your body that aren’t covered with clothing. The style of shoe you wear is also important. Tennis shoes are always a good choice for hoofin’ it in the urban core, however you should avoid wearing shoes that will expose your feet to the harsh urban elements (i.e. sandals and flip flops). You might also want to think about wearing a ball cap or other type of hat to shade your face as much as possible.
9_3_Heat_SafetyBring some water along for the ride. Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially crucial when you’re commuting by bike, bus or light rail since your body is always active and on the go! If you forget to bring a water bottle, be sure to take advantage of the water fountains on light rail platforms. TIP: let the water run for a couple seconds before taking a sip!
Plan ahead to minimize your exposure to the sun by using Google Transit. No one wants to wait for a bus or train in 115F weather! If you map out your trip indoors, then you won’t have to so long for the bus or train when heading out for your commute. This is especially important on the weekends when the train intervals are 15 minutes. If you do get caught waiting, be sure to take advantage of the design features of the platform shelters to shield you from the sun.
Riding a bike will keep you cool as opposed to walking to your destination. Although it might seem like you’re exerting more energy on a bike, you can actually save energy by coasting or cruising. Plus, you get the added bonus of having a breeze on your face!
Carry an umbrella if you want shade on the spot. Take a tip from our Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors – have you seen how cool they look? You’ll often find them using an umbrella as they walk around assisting visitors (and residents!) navigate our urban core. Our Ambassadors know best!
Don’t let the sun keep you shacked up inside all day! Go out and explore the city, just be sure to follow these simple steps to stay cool during your trip to downtown Phoenix!