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Arts & Culture Community Leah Goldberg July 5, 2017

 An anonymous sidewalk artist has officially captured the hearts of downtown Phoenix's Instagramming community. (Photo: Leah Goldberg)

An anonymous sidewalk artist has officially captured the hearts of Downtown Phoenix’s Instagramming community. (Photo: Leah Goldberg)

 Here in Downtown Phoenix we have a variety of large buildings and local art, but have you tried looking down?
It appears we have a mysterious sidewalk artist painting simple and lighthearted cartoons around our concrete jungle. We are uncertain of their identity but the mystery is just as exciting as their sidewalk art throughout Roosevelt Row and the nearby streets. 
But Downtown Phoenicians have taken note of their surroundings and they can’t get enough of these adorable cartoons. Naturally, it’s all very “grammable” too, so here are 10 encounters when the community loved the artwork enough to stop and share via social media.

1. By adding numerous quirky drawings to the neighborhood, the artist has changed it for the better

2. Although this piece was painted long before Carrie Fisher died, the artist definitely knows how to pull at our heartstrings


3. And our stomachs…

Pancake me. #rooseveltrow #downtown #phx #az #pancakes #morningstroll #work #vsco
A post shared by Hanna Hoover (@hoovsies) on


4. Even the downtown pets can’t get enough of these creative pieces


5. This little guy is almost as irresistible as these popular sidewalk drawings

Good morning pals and happy Saturday! Hope you all have a good one because you’re all amazing 😉☀️
A post shared by Oliver & Milo the Hedgehogs🌵 (@ollieandpals) on


6. The feelings are mutual, anonymous sidewalk artist

Cute random sidewalk art I saw downtown. 🌵💜 #dtphx #dtphxart #streetart #sidewalkart #phoenixlove
A post shared by Tiffany Kelly (@tiff_kelly) on


7. The artist is even giving us a little encouragement to endure this unbearable summer heat

As I suffer from #Phoenix withdrawals😭 #LetsMoveHere #streetart #RooseveltRow #takemeback
A post shared by Allie Virgen (@allieveryday) on

8. We couldn’t agree more with Instagram user, Kay, and her early morning motto

Keep your chin up, unless you’re falling in love with sidewalk art at 5am. #dtphx #dtphxart
A post shared by Kay Transtrum (@kaytranstrum) on


9. Wherever this sidewalk artist is going, we definitely want to follow them along these little gray concrete slabs for their next charming design


10. It’s not everyday you see a tiny monster riding on a skateboard, but now you can thanks to this anonymous artist

OMNOMNOMNOM #latenight #sundayfunday #adventures #sidewalkart #dtphx #dtphxart #phoenix #rando #weirdness #ghost #sidewalk
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There are plenty more of these sidewalk designs, so keep an eye out (or down) next time you are walking around Downtown Phoenix. If you like scavenger hunts as much as us, tag us on Instagram (@downtownphoenix) and use the #dtphx hashtag next time you stumble upon one of these pieces.