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4 Coworking Spaces Switching Up Downtown's Office Culture

by Leah Goldberg
Business Development Community Leah Goldberg February 1, 2018

Even during winter break, some students at Galvanize use free time to work on their coding and web development. (Photo: Leah Goldberg)

It seems the average consumer has been inching closer to making everyday life more sustainable and convenient. They are doing so through alternative living spaces such as Airbnb and shared driving services like Uber and Lyft. In just the past couple of years, coworking spaces have opened in Downtown Phoenix, and are switching up the traditional office setting. These open offices are available to anyone looking for a lower-overhead, professional place to hold meetings, complete a personal project, or attend a workshop to polish their skills.

In no particular order, these coworking spaces are changing the way businesses do business. If you are looking to switch up your workspace setting outside of home or your typical coffee shop spot, try out a membership with one of these coworking spaces (or more, we won’t judge).


Spaces coworking features modern furnishings and a vibrant yellow staircase. (Rendering: Brian Gabell)

The newest member of downtown’s coworking family, Spaces, kicked off 2018 by opening a brand new location in Phoenix. They started in Amsterdam and made their way to One Renaissance Tower’s 18th and 19th floors.
Spaces offers flexible contracts. Private offices start at $439/month, memberships are $209/month, dedicated desks are $269/month, or you can book one of the meeting rooms for $40/hour. Simply put, Spaces has all the space you need.

The One Renaissance Tower location offers a full-service health club, parking garages, conference facilities for up to 75 people, building security, daily food vendor offerings, outdoor collaboration space and easy light rail access.

2 N. Central Ave., 18th and 19th Floors
Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (but Business Club members and office clients have 24/7 access)

Galvanize Phoenix

Galvanize Phoenix was originally built as a produce warehouse right after WWII but now serves as a tech driven coworking space. (Photo: Leah Goldberg)

Inside Phoenix’s Warehouse District on Grant Street is a tech-driven coworking space. Galvanize provides training for entrepreneurs, companies and an education program with curriculum on web development, programming and data science. This space doubles as a coworking destination for entrepreneurs and start-ups but also offers mentoring, workshops and professional development.
“Phoenix was ready for something like this,” Diana Vowels, the general manager of Galvanize Phoenix said.

After opening a little over nine months ago, Vowels said Galvanize already has 100 companies under one roof. With monthly memberships, individuals can work in the open seating or in any of the huddle spaces. Amenities include Galvanize programming, phone rooms, conference room access, print, scan, copy, coffee, snacks, outdoor patio access, high-speed internet and a key card with 24/7 access to the campus.
The different memberships include a seat for $249/month with access to space in the open seating areas, a preserved desk for $399/month, or a fully-furnished private room with your logo on the wall for three to 13 employees starting at $1,500/month.

515 E. Grant St.
Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (but official members have 24/7 access)

The Department

The Department has plenty of comfy work stations like private desks, couches, standing desks, conference rooms and private offices. (Photo: Leah Goldberg)

Right in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, The Department sits five floors above Cartel Coffee. This 16,000-square-foot local, collaborative workspace displays a modern charm, mixing wooden table tops, square metal pillars and colorful cushions. There is plenty of workable space to sit, lounge, stand, roam around and network with other members — which is encouraged but not required.

If you don’t feel like riding the elevator to the coffee shop below, The Department serves complimentary soda, Cartel coffee and LaCroix sparkling water. Besides unlimited amounts of caffeine to compliment your hard work, The Department offers several levels of membership.

The owners hope to meet the needs of anyone seeking a quiet space to work – whether that is someone who occasionally leaves their home office, to startups and small businesses. Basic membership packages start at $100 a month, and can be customized to include an address and mailbox, 24/7 access, or even private offices.

1 N. 1st St. #600
Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (but upgraded card holders have 24/7 access)

The McKinley Club

After being open for five years, The McKinley Club will relocate to a bigger space on Grand Ave. in May. (Photo: Leah Goldberg)

The McKinley Club is not a typical work environment, and might even feel like your chic friend’s antique home. It opened about five years ago by husband and wife duo, Kevin and Celine Rille, who wanted an office space of their own. This space was too big for just two people so the Rilles decided to invite a few friends to work there. Soon after, The McKinley Club became a coworking space and social club.

“Neither my husband or I liked the idea of going to work being this totally separate thing from your real life,” said Celine Rille, co-owner of The McKinley Club. “We wanted to blend those boundaries between your home life and your work life so it wouldn’t feel like a chore or something bad to go to work.”

With about 50 members, The McKinley Club currently serves a variety of people like interior designers, marketers, a historical preservation company, web designers, a therapist, two different nonprofits, and even a wedding dress designer.
Membership plans include a private office with varying prices, an open desk for a personal workspace at $100/month, or a social membership at $20/month. The social membership gives access to event space, classes, workshops and Thursday happy hour.

If you are currently on the waiting list or decide to join it, keep an eye out for its big move in a few months to a larger space on Grand Avenue.

2 N. Central Ave.
Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Thursday happy hour is 5 to 7 p.m.)