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Reopening DTPHX: How We're Keeping Downtown Phoenix Clean

by Taylor Bishop
Community Taylor Bishop May 13, 2020

Clean & Green Team rockstars Eduardo and Jonatan work to sanitize a crosswalk button in front of the Downtown Phoenix Fry’s.

The Downtown Phoenix Partnership (DPP) Clean & Green Team knows a thing or two about keeping DTPHX hygienic and looking good.

Not only has the team planted hundreds of trees in the Downtown Core, but they’ve also worked to improve the outdoor urban experience by landscaping, managing the Paw-Pup Dog Park, removing graffiti tags, picking up litter and sanitizing public spaces.

In response to COVID-19, the Clean & Green Team has ramped up their sanitizing efforts.

Using a disinfectant spray, the team is sanitizing crosswalk buttons, public seating areas, statues and any other high-touch public surfaces in the Downtown Core.

The foaming spray sits on surfaces for several minutes before dissolving.

Ambassadors are here to help

Many have missed exploring DTPHX, and the Clean & Green team – along with the Ambassadors – are working to ensure that downtown is clean, safe and welcoming as people return.

DPP’s Field Services Team consists of the Clean & Green Team and the Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors.

The orange-shirt-wearing roving Ambassadors are on duty seven days a week, 365 days a year to help make recommendations, offer helpful directions or even assist with car lockouts.

Ambassadors serve as “eyes and ears” for the Downtown Operations Unit, a department of public safety officers dedicated to serving the downtown neighborhood.

With downtown business hours and offerings changing daily, the Ambassadors are also helping check on businesses and keep information up-to-date for resources like the Downtown Phoenix Takeout and Delivery Guide.

Additionally, the Ambassadors work with Community Bridges to perform outreach to those individuals experiencing homelessness.

For the health and safety of staff, there won’t be as many Ambassadors out in the field as usual during the pandemic.

Things are changing rapidly, but the DPP Field Services’ mission to create meaningful experiences and a pleasant environment in Downtown Phoenix prevails.