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History Donna ReinerSeptember 16, 2021
Downtown’s Original Hangout: The 1920 High School Pharmacy

In Phoenix's early years, the High School Pharmacy was a popular hangout for youngsters. Here's a brief history of its owners, employees, and some of the locals it served. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerJuly 14, 2021
Then and Now: From Downtown’s Mule-Drawn Trolley To Light Rail

Light rail wasn’t Phoenix’s first use of the tracks for mass transit. And those old tracks periodically are rediscovered in some areas of that original system. Mule-drawn trolley cars in... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Douglas C. TowneJune 17, 2021
‘Human Spider’ Free-Climbs Downtown Phoenix’s First Skyscraper

Shortly after the completion of Phoenix’s first skyscraper, an excited, death-defying feat took place atop the Heard Building. Click here for more info.

History Marshall ShoreJune 15, 2021

Some of the buildings may be gone, but the memories will last a lifetime. Take a journey through Downtown Phoenix's colorful, queer history with the Valley's own Hip Historian, Marshall Shore. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerJune 10, 2021
The Many Lives of Downtown’s Historic Charles Pugh House

Most recently serving as a restaurant, from 1975 until the '90s, the Charles Pugh House has had quite the colorful life in its 125 years in existence. Here are some snippets. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerMay 13, 2021
Pushy Women Who Got Things Done: History of the Phoenix Public Library, Art Museum

Over the course of time, women have cajoled, twisted arms, nudged, and then nudged harder. Then called not-so-complimentary names for doing so. In a recent series of talks I gave... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Taylor BishopMay 1, 2021
Then & Now: The Ultimate Guide to Historic Downtown Phoenix Buildings

Although Downtown Phoenix may be considered a young city, there are numerous buildings, homes and warehouses that hold remarkable tales of the past. Celebrate National Historic Preservation Month in May... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Amanda ClarkMarch 24, 2021
Phoenix Forge: A Community Makerspace Created for Everyone

What if I told you that your greatest idea for the next biggest thing since the Square card reader was more attainable to create than ever before? Would you dream... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerMarch 4, 2021
The Women Who Built Phoenix: Flora Rosson and the Women of Heritage Square

It was Flora Rosson who purchased all of Heritage Square in 1882 and gradually divided up the block - becoming one of Phoenix's first female developers. Click here for more info.

History Fara IllichFebruary 18, 2021
Update on renovations of the 1922 Ellis Building in Downtown Phoenix

The seven-floor, mixed-use Ellis Building will incorporate office, residential, a basement “speakeasy,” ground-floor restaurants and a daycare. Click here for more info.