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An art exhibit might seem out of place at a science museum.
vangoghaliveBut as you tour Van Gogh Alive, which opened this week at Arizona Science Center, you quickly understand that the technology used to create the multi-sensory celebration of the prolific artist’s many masterpieces is absolutely cutting-edge science.
“You need to just find a place on the floor, sprawl out, and let the images and sound envelope you,” said one moved visitor during Monday’s public debut.
True. Over 3,000 images are displayed on the floor, ceilings, giant screens, platforms, and columns, all synchronized to a classical score during the looping 30-minute program. The colors and sound flood the dark, cave-like gallery, and at times you almost feel like you’re inside the paintings.
Quotes from Van Gogh accompany the imagery, along with supplemental videos, photos and narratives that take you deep inside his genius.
Whether you’re an art scholar or novice, child or adult, Van Gogh Alive is an educational and emotional experience you’ll want to relive.
Van Gogh Alive runs through June 17 and Arizona Science Center is open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.